101: Raising Chicks

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Harvest Lane Farms

Author: Jorden Wilkinson

Expecting chicks can be a very exciting event, it's the first step to producing your own food. Sometimes it can be overwhelming of where to start, and what to get. Well no worries, here at Harvest Lane Farms we have expertise of raising baby chicks. In this article it will go over where to find a perfect location to put the chicks, preparing for chicks, where to find chicks, how long they need to be in the box, and some other helpful tips. With this article it will help a new generation of hobby farmers perfect their craft.

Finding a Place: Before getting any chicks you first need to find a secure area of where you want to put the chicks, as well see how many chicks that space can handle. When seeking out a place to put the baby chicks, make sure it is a dry, warm spot, where no animals have access to, as well with having outlets (For the heating lamp).

Perfect places can be inside the garage, basement, shed, or even certain areas of the house. Just make sure you will be okay with the smell that baby chicks come with and will make. (The smell can stick for weeks even after moving the chicks out of the area).

Preparing for Chicks: Preparing for chicks is probably the most difficult part of raising chickens. The reason why is do to so many products for chicks, but no information of what to get.

Well no worries with our chick kit, it is the perfect kit which comes with a water/feeder, chick feed, a deep brood chick box, a metal bottom, and screen lid, heat lamp, and sawdust. The chick kit can fit up to 4 chicks, which is a perfect amount to start with. As well being the perfect size to house chicks, whether you are a beginner, or advance chick raiser.

Finding Chicks: To begin your journey of raising chicks, is finding the chicks you want. There are so many kinds of chickens to get, when you go to the store a new chick raiser might get overwhelmed (I know I did, whenever I went with my sisters). So, do some research of what kind of chicks you want, as well if you want a rooster or not.

For example there is three main types of chickens the laying, meat-producing and dual-purpose breeds. This is important because, if you get a meat producing chicken and wanted a chicken that lays every day. You might be surprised if it's just eating and gaining weight instead of laying eggs. Below is a list of the top three best chickens, and what is likely to be sold at any farm/ranch store.

The Main Three


  • Rhode Island Reds

  • Bovans Browns

  • Leghorns


  • Cornish cross

  • Bresse

  • Jersey Giant


  • Brahma Rooster

  • Delaware Hen and Rooster

  • Light Sussex Hen

The Chicks Timeline: It might be helpful to print this timeline out, and have it near your chicks when they are growing. If you do have more questions of how to raise chicks please contact Harvest Lane Farms for more information. We will love to help you through your chicks experiences.

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