102: Getting Chickens to Lay

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Harvest Lane Farms

Author: Jorden Wilkinson

Let me tell you it can be hard to try to get hens to lay. The reason why, is that chickens are stubborn creatures. Especially about laying eggs, and where to lay them. Well no worries, here at Harvest Lane Farms we want to make having soon to be laying hens easy.

Congratulations! If you are reading this, it means you have successfully raised your chicks to chickens. Raising chickens is no easy task, but it can be very rewarding once the first egg is laid. And oh boy, I swear eating that egg is the best egg in the whole wide world. Maybe its because of how fresh/organic it is, or maybe it's the hard work that had to happen to get that egg. First off lets talk about how to get hens to lay eggs.

Week 16: Once the chickens are 17-27 weeks old this is when they are ready to lay eggs. On week 16 I would suggest putting calcium into the chickens diet. (Some examples of calcium is crushed oyster shells, or laying feed.) Most farm/ranch stores will have something for laying hens.

"Don't be afraid to ask employees what the prefer brand is: most farm ranch stores

makes sure their employees are knowledgeable on all things chickens.

at these stores".

Nesting Boxes: Someone new to raising laying hens might wonder what a nesting box is, I know I did, when I first started raising hens: we had no idea what it is. So let me shed some light. A nesting box, is a box where a laying hen will go to lay an egg. When getting a nesting box you can find some at Harvest Lane Farms. Where it has an easy access to the back so collecting eggs are easy to do, as well comfortable for hens. Speaking of comfort a nesting box should be in a dark corner, with hey in it so the hen will be comfortable laying in it.

Providing The Right Number: With nesting boxes you will need 1 box for 3-4 hens.

Having too many nesting boxes will make the hens think its a place to sleep at. You do not want hens to think its okay to sleep in it. The reason why is that they will have fecal matter all over as well with feathers in the nester. This will make the hens not want to lay.

Remember If hens sleep in nesting box,

hens will not lay.

Fake Eggs: Sometimes hens need a little push to start laying. Sometimes having faux eggs will get the job done. Good faux eggs are: ping pong balls, wood balls painted, or wood eggs. Its also, okay to have them around for a little while even when they start laying.

Collecting eggs: Make sure to collect eggs regularly, so hens won't be tempted to stop laying or replacing the eggs.

Side Note: If your finding eggs in different places that are not in the nesters, make sure

that place is hard to reach. Chickens are creatures of habit, so break that habit before it


Daily Routine: Everyone needs daily routines and that includes hens. When getting hens to lay, make sure to kick them out of the nesters at night, and instead put them in rooster (we do not want them sleeping in nesters). In the morning to mid-morning put the hens in the nesters (hens lay in the morning). Then leave them confined to the nester till mid-morning then let them out,

Side Note: In winter time, and you want hens laying more often, think about

putting artificial light in the chicken coop to continue egg flow.

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