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Making Hobby Farming Easy

Harvest Lane Farms' mission is to make hobby farming easy, modern, and more accessible. Especially to the folk that live the Rural lifestyle. With the high-quality product we offer and new modern ideas that Harvest Lane Farms has introduced, we are currently changing the chicken and rabbit industries.

Our Story

Hobby Farming Made Easy

Since 2008 we’ve been doing everything to make hobby farming easy and more accessible to everyone. We have found a new modern method to raise chickens and rabbits. These innovative tools are safe and easy to use all while helping to grow and keep your livestock safe.

Image by Timothy Eberly
Feeding the Chickens
Happy Bunnies
Baby Farm Bunny
Dairy Farm
Young Farmer with Flock of Chickens
Boy Carrying Goat
Collecting Eggs

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Free Range Poultry Farm